Stateside 7-2-10

My Project Potion interview with Editor Kevin Hogan on emerging telepresence technology went live this week. For those of you (like me) who are not hip to the new AV lingo, “emerging telepresence technology” can be interpreted as new video conferencing stuff. It was a rare thing for me to be able to interview Kevin, not just because he had a lot of insightful information and ideas about what changes we should expect in the way of AV tech impacting our ability to communicate with teams in other countries, but also because Kevin is one of my oldest and closest friends. There were a few signal dropouts in the recording, but whaddaya gonna do – it ‘s Skype. You can find the video here.

This week I also had the opportunity to interview Frank Illenberger, Lead Developer for ProjectWizards. We discussed WWDC, the iPad, the iPhone4 and how those devices may impact the project management workscape. The video should be live in the next few days. Continue reading

Was Merlin a project manager? (part four)

There is usually a long story behind a successful product. This applies for Merlin and my first visions about it in 2003. Here is how the drama started. Here and here how it continued. Was Merlin a project manager? (part … Continue reading