Merlin’s Handbook as a PDF file

We’ve had a few mails come into our Merlin Support requesting that we
make a PDF version of our Merlin Help manual. So, over the weekend our
developers created a script for this and we did just that.
Before we make it official we’d like to present it to our blog readers and forum
members first:

Merlin 2 Handbook – PDF file

We would like your feedback, thoughts and any ideas you might have.
Let us know what you think.

By the way if you do not where all the Merlin 2 Users get together to share, tips, tricks and ideas, we recommend you to check out the Merlin 2 User Forum

3 thoughts on “Merlin’s Handbook as a PDF file

  1. Great to have this important documentation in a pdf format! Only one quick comment – it would be even better if it had a table of contents and the numbers were linked to the pages. Yes, we can always search, but…

    Thanks for a great tool!

  2. Can’t seem to download the PDF Handbook to my Mac. It does download a file when I click the link: merlins-handbook-as-a-pdf-file

    But this isn’t a PDF file at all and in fact appears to be a blank text file as Preview loads it as empty.


  3. Hmmm… Eric, do you mean when you download the file…
    there is a problem on your mac seeing the pdf?
    that’s very strange, which is your browser? We will zip it and send it to your per email. Thanks for your comment

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