Mac OS X Lion specialities… affecting Merlin

One of the features of OS X Lion is, whenever you quit an application which currently has open documents, those documents will be restored next time you start the application.

This effect is very practical if you are working with a specific document and need it automatically open the next time you start the application without needing to find it first on your hard disk to navigate it on your hard disk or for the File > Open dialogue.

Some Merlin users though are missing the Merlin Welcome Screen, which won’t come up of course, if Merlin starts and shows directly your last opened documents.

If you want to disable this effect for your Merlin for Mac OS X application you may simply quit Merlin by command + option + Q (or press the option key  after calling the Merlin menu…). This short cut quits Merlin and discards open document windows.The next time you re-start Merlin, it will show up the Merlin Welcome Screen and no documents will be loaded automatically. Please note that you need to always quit Merlin like this, if you don’t want the OS X preference to open open windows automatically by next restart.

If you want to switch this once and for all applications altogether. You need to open the System Preference “General” and disable the option “Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps”