Merlin – Start or stop iCal sync

You can synchronize your Merlin project file to iCal via…
File > Publish > iCal

The dialogue let’s you define the synchronization options and whether or not resources calendars should also be included.

If you like for example that Merlin syncs your project changes as soon as you save, you can enable the option “Auto-synchronize after save”.

If you prefer to choose by yourself when to sync, you can leave “Auto-synchronize after save” disabled and re-sync manually to the already existing iCal calendars via File > Publish > iCal > Sync now

In case you want to stop iCal syncing for a specific project, just call once again the iCal publish dialogue, disable the option “Synchronize project calendar”, make sure that there are no resource calendars selected, and click on “close”.

Should you now choose to delete the calendars in iCal or to edits their events, you may do so. They are not connected any more with the original Merlin project.

10 thoughts on “Merlin – Start or stop iCal sync

  1. I like that the software syncs with ical but I’m amazed and quite sad to find that it doesn’t automatically link with Contacts – I think this is a really large oversight.

  2. I’m very new to Merlin. I had hoped that the iCal Sync function would allow me to sync a Merlin project to a specific calendar that I already have set up in iCal.

    I know I can export a Merlin project as a .ics file and then choose the specific calendar when I import into iCal, but it’s not as neat as being able to sync.

  3. Nothing is showing up under “Synchronize resource calendars.” Can’t find a good walk-through on how to make my iCals work…

  4. Hi Vicky
    Is there a way to sync a resource calendar with AppleScript?
    I’d love to write a script that can assign a resource and then sync that resources calendar with one click. Do you think this is possible?

  5. Hi Gregg,

    you can export by applescript, but sync to iCal?
    I don’ see how you can do this by applescript.

    This is to export as ics if you know the name of the resource you export and want to define the file name to match it.

    export doc as iCal file to path “/Users/Vicky/”& theResName with options {calendartype:events} with resource theRes

    But let’s suppose you’ve exported in ics files and open maybe the file with, I don’t see how you can sync rather then re-import tasks and maybe create doubles.

    This does not seam possible to me.
    Best regards, Vicky

  6. Hi Vicky

    We use BusyCal, which links to OS X Calendar through iCloud. Is there a way to have Merlin publish a project to an iCloud calendar, rather than to an On My Mac calendar? Otherwise, won’t show up in BusyCal.



  7. Hi David,

    Merlin syncs -just like you’ve observed- to local calendars. If you like to push your project to an iCloud calendar, you may use the File > Export > iCal feature and insert the thus exported ics file to your iCloud calendars in a second step.

    Best regards, Vicky

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