Merlin 2.9.3 update available

Today we’ve released a new free Merlin update 2.9.3. This update is recommended for all Merlin users.

New Features in Merlin

  • Merlin supports now the redefined Gatekeeper signature (from OS X 10.9.5).
  • Merlin works now under OS X 10.10 Yosemite (beta 5).

Resolved Issues in Merlin

  • Some smaller issues are fixed.
  • Fixed some translation issues and typos.
  • The German and English help files are updated.

Facing download issues?

In this case please download a fresh copy of Merlin 2 (version 2.9.3) from one of the following alternative links depending on your location:

The United States and Canada, Central and Latin America
UK, France, Australia and other countries

8 thoughts on “Merlin 2.9.3 update available

  1. We have experienced issues after installing the latest automatic update.
    the Merlin lost its icon picture and won’t open.
    we can not get to our projects at the moment and I hope this is resolved ASAP.

    thank you,

  2. When will a fix for the “application window shift bug”, occurring in Yosemite, for Merlin 2.9.3 (10983) be available.

    I reported this bus to your support via email on 29 Oct. 2014.

  3. As far I know, there exists a solution in a developer build. Had our support provided the download link to this developer build? Best regards, Vicky

  4. Yes it has been provided.

    This developer build is no “productive” update: The software is not code signed and can not be installed without bypassing Apples security measures!

  5. Currently Merlin 2 is unusable. So, when will an update be available? I’m sure the rest of the Merlin user community is also waiting.

    expecting your answer …

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