Merlin: Adjusting keyboard shortcuts

It is very easy to adjust keyboard shortcuts or add new ones on Mac OS X. There is a specific tab in the preference pane ‘Keyboard’. Shortcuts will be shown on the right side of the menu entries they are assigned to.

The shortcut Shift + Command + N for example is assigned per default to the Merlin’s menu entry ‘New Project…’ as listed under the File menu:

new project shortcut

Surely you have noticed that the command  ‘Combine Projects…’ has no shortcut. Here is how to proceed in case you want to assign one.

Open the Mac OS X system preferences and call the ‘Keyboard’ preference pane.
System prefs, keyboard
Change when necessary to the ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ tab and click onto ‘+’ to add a new shortcut to a command of a specific application.
System PreferencesSchnappschuss002
A new dialog will show up, in which you can select Merlin as an application, enter the exact name of the menu command in the ‘Menu Title’ field and specify the desired keyboard shortcut.
add shortcut

Press ‘Add’ and see it being displayed in Merlin’s menu directly upon addition.

combine projects shortcut


  • This shortcut applies only for the Merlin configuration and your Mac.
  • You can change the predefined shortcut of a Merlin command, if you type its command name and specify another shortcut to be assigned instead.

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