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MerlinHtmlWBSWe get asked from time to time in support if the ‘Net plan’ view of Merlin can display the WBS of a Merlin project as a tree from top to bottom.

The answer for this is no and yes. No, as there are no options for modifying the direction of the ‘Net plan’ view graphical elements. They always get displayed from left to right.

Yes, because if one has installed OmniGraffle he or she can transfer the WBS to OmniGraffle by the use of the following  SendTo script.

And yes. We have written an applescript exporting  the project WBS into html. This is a sample of how the resulting HTML could look like:

It creates an html file with the WBS  of your top most opened Merlin project into a new directory in your desktop containing all needed files for its correct display.

It lists up to 3 levels of the WBS, ignores assignments and milestones, shows the project objective if existing and  resources.

When called for master projects, it will list the first level of the WBS, the combined projects WBS should get exported separately.

Feel free to use or modify as needed, but most important enjoy 🙂

9 thoughts on “Merlin html WBS

  1. This is a really nice script, but I really need to have the WBS Code ID (1.2, 1.2.1, etc) displayed for each WBS element. I’ve looked at the script, but can’t figure out how to do it. Clues, anyone?

    Larry Molmud

  2. Hi Larry,

    this is a script package. That means, you may right (or ctrl) click it, open its package contents, go into the scripts folder contained and edit the main.scpt with AppleScript Editor.
    In the script there is a row writing the level index of the wbs element and its title into those boxes:

    … & (item i of inDepth) & “-” & (title of act) & …

    When requiring the wbs code instead of this level information, just replace the (item i of inDepth) with (wbs code of act)

    So your script could have the following instead:

    … & (WBS code of act) & “-” & (title of act) & …

    Best regards, Vicky

  3. Hi there.

    I now own Merlin too and i like it really!!

    But i need that workflow structure with MORE than just 3 levels. How could i fix it ???


  4. You would need to edit the css to handle the 4th level elements and re-write the script to collect activities from the 4th level as well…
    So the line with…
    if DepthVal < 4 then should be changed to: if DepthVal < 5 then Best regards, Vicky

  5. Hi, why there are no milestones in my wbs plan?
    Can i fix this in my main script too?

  6. I have used the Html in the past with great results but just tried to download again and it says the file is damaged. I just ran the upgrade, is this a compatibility issue?


  7. No, the script is implemented as an Applescript app but it is not signed by my developer certificate. So to start it the first time after downloading it, you need to change the security option in the OS X system preference ‘Security & Privacy’ to ‘allow apps downloaded from: anywhere’. After you run the script for the first time, it will be freed from the info that it was downloaded.

    So you set your system preference ‘Security & Privacy’ back to ‘Mac App Store and identified developers’ and be again safe.

    OR…. you simply download and test Merlin Project Beta 3.
    open your Merlin project with this Merlin Project and for the wbs you switch to the ‘Net plan > Organizational Chart’
    You may then export it as image if you like.

    Best regards, Vicky

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