MerlinDayliteLink update available

Our partner LgoConsulting updated MerlinDayliteLink.


What’s that?

MerlinDaylite-Link is a tool that allows information to be shared between the two programs, Merlin and Daylite. This gives you access to the power of Merlin for professional project management to manage and plan a project, whilst sharing the outcome with Daylite’s team and business management tools.

What’s new, why updating?

  • Changed the menu names to make simpler to use.
  • Added the ability to send Milestones to Daylite as Events.
  • MerlinDayliteLink takes the expected dates from Merlin rather than defaulting to the planned dates.
  • A number of bug fixes.

More information on MerlinDayliteLite can be found here

Getting the primary email address

When you drag an Address Book card onto an activity, either directly from the Mac OS X Address Book application or out of Merlin’s “Library” dialogue, it will get assigned to this activity and appear in our project management software as a resource. This resource remains linked to the original entry in the Address Book. Changes in the Address Book card, will get transferred automatically to the various Merlin projects where this resource has been assigned to.

Sometimes there could be an issue though in recognizing the prime email address and setting this for the resource. We had reported this issue to Apple in year 2004 as tested the first version of Address Book, but a solution had not been released yet.

Fortunately there is an API to the Address Book, which developers can use when wanting to create add-ons for it.
Taking advantage of this fact we have created an Address Book add-on solving the issue of primary email address and phone number. Our primarily in 2005 released add-on, repairs Address Book and helps Merlin getting the appropriate data for the resources. You can get it for free and it is very easy to install.

  • You download the Address Book Add-On
  • You extract the zip archive and copy the 2 included files into the following directory “~/Library/Address Book Plug-Ins” (~ : stands for your home directory)
  • Expanding the ‘Send To’ submenu of Merlin

    File > Send ToA very practical feature of Merlin is its “Send To” sub menu.  It can extract information out of a Merlin file and send it to another application. Per default you find only the application “Billings” listed, but you can expand this sub menu by creating your own AppleScripts.

    To demonstrate how this works, we are going to tell Merlin to create automatically a PNG picture file of the current Gantt chart and to send it to the

    So here we go: Continue reading