More training and consulting services in US

I have written in a previous post about our new American company ‘ProjectWizards Inc’.
Such great news let many questions arise and we thought it would be better to have them answered directly by Dave Prior himself, president of ProjectWizards Inc.

Dave, why would you say does ProjectWizards need an additional company in the US?

ProjectWizards has been helping people around the world manage projects through training and consulting services and, of course, Merlin. While ProjectWizards is a global organization, we’ve found that our clients in North America are looking for a more localized presence in support of Merlin and the other work we do. We also feel, that with the growth of Macintosh adoption in North America the community of project managers who are also Mac users will be experiencing significant growth and we want to be there to help them learn more about Merlin and how to use it make their projects successful.
There are a number of business reasons why it made more sense for us to start a separate US company rather than just open an office in the US. At the end of the day, it is about providing the best service to our clients and we felt that establishing a US based company was the best way to serve the North American market.

What does this change? Are there new support email addresses or new websites?

There are no changes for Merlin customers. The email addresses are still the same. Support can be addressed as always at and the sales department still reached over There are also no changes to the web site, which you can access and discover it at

Can US users or prospects call you now?

Not yet, but we are checking different possibilities. Please stay tuned, we will post any news here in our blog as soon as we have an update on this.

Assuming I am a customer or prospect interested in trainings and consulting services. Who should I contact? ProjectWizards in Germany or USA?

Please contact whichever office is more convenient for you. If you live in the US or Canada, it may be easier for you to speak with someone who’s is also in North America. In this case just use our email address: From within Europe and other parts of this small world, our office in Germany is looking forward to get in touch with you. Again, at the end of the day it does not matter who do you contact. If we realize there is a better or easier contact for you, we will let you know.

Great. Thanks Dave, welcome by the wizards 🙂

3… 2… 1… we have liftoff!

LiftoffIn our last post, we’ve told you we have a surprise for our North American users. Are you curious what would that be? Don’t worry, the waiting is finally over and we are so excited, we can reveal the good news:

Today (on June 1st, 2010) ProjectWizards founded a new company based in the USA; ProjectWizards Inc.

Why are these great news, and how does this benefits North Americans?

As you may already now, ProjectWizards is based in Germany and Merlin is developed over there. The US based company is found to be closer to our american customers and provide them a wide rage of services in native language. The perfect understanding of the US markets can only be given by Americans, not Germans. Therefore we started looking for the right person to  lead our business in the States for a long time ago and with Dave Prior, we simply knew, we had a perfect deal!

Dave is a long time project manager and very active tech / IT consultant. Beside the fact that he is a Mac user, he is also a Merlin user since the days of version 1. This profile is extended by his leading skills and the fact he is extremely service oriented. This makes him the perfect match for ProjectWizards Inc.

Exciting times start just now… 3 2 1 we have liftoff!