The Keynote – Lack of Luster

Now that we’ve had a day or so and allowed the Keynote settle into our brains, what did you think about it? I’ve been hearing from many that it was a bit disappointing as there was lots of show but nothing really that had that WOW! effect.

I mean weren’t most of the features presented at this Keynote also a part of last year’s Keynote? I can very well remember Spaces and Time Machine from last year’s Keynote.

Although, I did feel a bit underwhelmed at the end of the Keynote, I am still pretty excited about Leopard. It is going to be a cool update and I cannot tell you how badly I have been waiting for a feature like Stacks to come around. Actually, the idea is so simple, it is ingenious.

How about Safari 3 for Windows? It’s certainly an interesting and strategic move from Apple but does it rate that famous “One more thing!”?

One thing that had me going “Huh?” was the announcement of the new Dashboard widget for movies. Sure a nifty little widget but presenting it at the WWDC to 5,000 developers? Huh?

Like I keep saying I am not a developer but to those who are reading this – does this kind of news make you get all hot and excited?

I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this. What did you think of the Keynote and what is the feature you are most looking forward to to in Leopard?

4 thoughts on “The Keynote – Lack of Luster

  1. I am a little worried that Apple decided to move to a pre-announcement model from just telling the world and then selling it the day after. Talk is cheap. I really don’t care what might be possible. I want to get my hands on it.I see it as a sign that Apple is slowing down.

    Of course, I am waiting for time machine and I love what they did with the merge of coverflow and the finder.

    Spaces is more of a Duh! announcement for me. I’m so used to having them on Linux and FreeBSD that I had to wean myself off using multiple desktops when I started using OSX. Welcome to 1997, Leopard. 🙂

    Kees Jan

  2. Looks good, but no real stunners. Didn´t see the reason to show quicklook as a seperate feature from the finder.

    The real ecxiting stuff, I think, comes with the 64 bit technology and core animation.

    Also, I think Apple would´ve been smarter to just keep the iPhone locked to developers and let them find out for themselves that they could do web-apps. Developers were disappointed over Apples offering on the iPhone. Sometimes no offering is better than a crummy one.

  3. I think telling developers that iPhone will run web 2.0 and therefore open to third party development it is an insult to the intelligence of them, the arrogance shown sometimes by Apple is really incredible.

    What the hell do you do when you want to run applications are you are not connected or do not want to connect to the internet?

    No SDK no fun.. It that sense Palm OS and Windows CE are in the real world and Apple still in the arroganceage with their “we want to absolutely control everything and you developers are unnecessary for us” policy.

    10 years ago Apple 20 million users, now still 22.000 million users?

    Apple when are you going to advertise Apple outside the US? So that I don’t have to tell everybody I know, there is something else outside beside Microsoft Windows and Linux, called OS X.

    Safari for Windows is a dead try from the beginning, what a waste of resources within Apple!!!

    Sorry coud not resist…

  4. Bought 6 MACs the day they were introduced in NY 1984 for my World Trade Office and dragged them all over the deserts of the Gulf and Morocco.
    Loyal to APPLE and would not risk my advisory to top Companies and Individuals by using anything else. I hired the tech heads FYI.

    Would not accept a free Windows hunk of junk for all the tea in, well, England!
    CEO (Minnesota-London-Dubai)

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