Merlin Server: MacOS X Firewall

With Merlin Server you can publish your saved Merlin project files for remote access by:

  • other Merlin for Mac OS X applications. This will allow you to collaborate with other Merlin users on the same project file.
  • a web browser. This allows you to collaborate on files on the go or even when using a Windows machine.
  • iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using Merlin’s own app for iOS devices.

When allowing external access to your machine you should consider setting up a Firewall. This is usually done in your router, but some users would like to use the built-in MacOS X Firewall. Here is a small description of how to set your Firewall for Merlin Server on a current MacOS X 10.7.4 (Lion) configuration.

Merlin Server

If you want to add exceptions for the Merlin Server services on this MacOS X, locate first the MerlinServer.prefPane on your machine. You will find it in one of the following paths:

/Library/PreferencePanes (recommended location)


Right click it  to ‘Show Package contents’ and locate the ‘MerlinProjectServer ‘and ‘MerlinWebServer’ applications under Contents/Resources.

Now add them both by drag & drop onto the exceptions list in the ‘Advanced’ Firewall dialogue. Continue reading

Applescript – Evernote to Merlin

Merlin project management software integrates easily with lots of other Mac and Windows applications. For some applications you need to export/import files, with others you simply sync from Merlin. If you use Evernote to record your notes and want to transfer them to Merlin, you may now do so, by the use of the following script sample created in AppleScript.

It reacts on the Evernote selection and transfers selected notes to Merlin. Just select the notes you want to transfer in Evernote, call the script and see selected notes transferred in the top most opened Merlin project as file elements. Those elements can be then viewed even without connection to the Evernote account or the Evernote app on your Mac and are now part of your project.

Download: Evernote > Merlin AppleScript sample

Update on Jan 16th, 2013: Activated an alert informing about the inserted elements. Saved the AppleScript application as Applescript to avoid issues with Lion and Mountain Lion Gatekeeper.

MerlinDayliteLink Update available

Our partner LgoConsulting updated MerlinDayliteLink.


What’s that?

MerlinDaylite-Link is a tool that allows information to be shared between the two programs, Merlin and Daylite. This gives you access to the power of Merlin for professional project management to manage and plan a project, whilst sharing the outcome with Daylite’s team and business management tools.

What’s new, why updating?

  • Allows you to send selected items to Daylite
  • A few other minor changes that correct issues with dates, Lion etc..

More information on MerlinDayliteLink can be found here

Mac OS X Lion specialities… may affect Merlin reports or iCal sync

Lion has some new specialities:
– A mounted disk image (dmg) will be mounted again on Mac re-start
– Per default “Show indicator lights for open applications” are disabled in the “Dock” system preference

So it is possible that…

You may start Merlin in Lion out of your /Applications folder
and a second time out of the mounted disk image, you had downloaded from our website in order to install Merlin on your Mac.
In the dock you don’t see the indicator lights so you don’t realize that it is running twice.

However it will be shown twice in the dock and will be twice listed, should you call Command + Option + Escape

Results for Reports… Continue reading