Merlin – Download, install, start for the first time

Installing Merlin for project management on your Mac with OS X is really easy and done in 3 steps.

Step 1. You download for free the Merlin zip archive from our website.
Step 2. Locate your Downloads. As soon as download completes, your Merlin application (blue wizards’ hat) will be automatically expanded there.
Step 3. There is no step three 😉 You may use it right away.

To start Merlin on your Mac for the first time after download, just double click it and confirm by clicking on “Open” when your Mac (OS X GateKeeper) asks whether you are sure you want to open it.

Even though Merlin does not require a specific location on your hard disk to run, we recommend you move Merlin into the Applications folder. This will group it along with your other Mac applications, have it available for Launchpad and keeps your Downloads folder uncluttered.

You may also want to watch the described installation steps as a video Continue reading

Merlin – Combine projects

There are various ways to combine projects into one master project.

Combine local Merlin projects – no Merlin Server involved:
If combining local projects of your local hard disk, you can select them all and drag onto Merlin‘s icon or double click them and select ‘combine’ or choose File > Combine Projects:

Combine shared Merlin Server projects:
If combining projects which are shared by Merlin Server, please proceed as shown here:

That is… you choose File >  Combine Projects, add the projects and open them by “remote open”. If the new master is to be shared by the same Merlin Server, save the file first on your local disk and copy it in a second step into the ‘Projects’* folder of Merlin Server.



*) Or any other folder your Merlin Server shares.

Merlin – change the preselected project calendar

Merlin provides a user friendly interface to modifying the project calendar.

Project calendar can be accessed in a tab of the inspector when the top most row (row “#0”) in the activities view is selected.

In the “Regular” tab you may modify the work intervals of the working week days if required.

You may also choose to change the preselected project calendar all together and switch from “Standard” to “Night Shift” for example.

Just select the desired project calendar from the appropriate pop up on the top right area of the inspector and make it your main project calendar afterward.

Please find hereafter a screencast of those actions Continue reading

Merlin – publishing projects for collaboration with other Merlin users

We have explained in the past how to share your projects with Merlin or Merlin Server for access over a web browser or iOS access. This post and the contained screencast shows how to share a project over your Merlin for Mac OS X application for collaboration with other Merlin users.

To start publishing…

  • On one of your Macs you open the Merlin project in your Merlin for Mac OS X application
  • Call File > Publish > Project (or press the yellow horn and switch to the “Project” tab)
  • You start Project publishing by a click on ‘start’
  • Leave the project open, and its publishing on. You can click on ‘close’ to close the dialogue though.
    • Should your project be accessible only within your local network? Is so, you are done
    • Would other Merlin users need to connect over the internet? You need to forward them the blue @ symbol shown on the project publishing dialogue

To open the published project…

  • As a user on another Mac start your Merlin for Mac OS X application
  • Call File  > Remote Open
    • If you are in the same local network as the publisher Merlin application, you directly see this Mac as discovered by Bonjour
    • If you are accessing over the internet, you will need to enter the project’s address as calculated by the publisher Merlin and contained in the blue @ symbol.

Screencast of those actions… Continue reading