Free update to Merlin 2.8.2 is now available

Today we published another maintenanceĀ update for Merlin and Merlin Server. Here are the changes.

Resolved Issues in Merlin

  • Under Mac OS 10.7, scrolling in the Gantt chart could result in a blurry time ruler.
  • In some configurations it could take a long time to save changes.
  • Under Mac OS 10.7, files extracted from file elements had a wrong creation date.
  • Sometimes approved budgets were not refreshed correctly when linked projects were loaded.
  • Approved budgets could not be deleted.
  • Under Mac OS 10.7, the print preview was not centered correctly.
  • Copying activities with attached events could lead to a crash.

Resolved Issues in Merlin Web

  • Under some circumstances, wrong calendar weeks were displayed in the time ruler.
  • Entering duration units within resource rates did not work correctly.

Resolved Issues in Merlin Server

  • Under Mac OS 10.7, sharing projects with special characters in their filenames was not possible.