Merlin: Adjusting time rulers in the Gantt chart

Merlin displays two ruler grid levels for the time line on the Gantt chart per default for new empty projects. One in days and another in calendar weeks. Depending on the planned work values of your activities, you may want to zoom in or out the time scale. To do so, simply click the according buttons on the bottom of the window.


Should you however need more ruler grid levels, you may define up to four. To add another grid, just click on the arrow pointing down on the right end of a grid level and select ‘Add top row’.


You can define its unit…


And its style, if necessary…


This is an example of a Gantt chart displaying 3 rulers:


You may want to check attached screencast

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originally posted: April 15, 2010
updated: April 29, 2011

20 thoughts on “Merlin: Adjusting time rulers in the Gantt chart

  1. Do you create new projects from a template?
    In this case, just open the template over File > Open
    Define the correct ruler settings
    Save and close the project template file.

    New projects created from that project template will show the desired rulers.

    Otherwise, you can save your ruler settings in a workspace to be able to apply on any project at any time. Do so, define your Gantt view options as desired,
    call Window > Save Workspace
    enter a telling name
    save “to all projects”
    switch all parts off but the following: Window -> View Options

    Now you can apply those ruler settings on any project over
    Window > Workspaces> your working space

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  3. I would like to change the font type and size in the Gantt chart headings. Can do with other scheduling programs. Doable?

  4. When I change the scale of the bottom row to a smaller increment (ieg from calendar weeks to days or hours) I lose the ability to grab and move gantt bars with the cursor. To regain it I have to change to timescale back to that previously used…. am I missing something?

  5. Dear Vicky,
    I kindly ask you to help me to understand whether Merlin WEB server allows utilizing a workspace, which was previosly saved. Apparently, the only available workspace – in that modality – is the “Standard” one. Thank you for replying. Best regards. Marco.

  6. Hi Marco,

    your question is not related to the post above, anyhow… to select a workspace when viewing a Merlin project on a web browser, this workspace has to be saved (using Merlin on the Mac) in’to this project only’.

    If sharing by Merlin Server, Merlin Server has no access to workspaces saved on your local mac.

    Best regards, Vicky

  7. How can I restrict the view for the purposes of printing so that a Gantt chart only prints say, January 2014 to March 2014?

    Thank you


  8. Hi,
    when I scale the timeline up or down the units automatically change to a more fitting one (e.g. month will eventually switch to quarter and then year when I zoom out on the timeline).

    How can I zoom in or out of the timeline WITHOUT the units changing automatically? This is very important for me when formatting for exporting timelines as images.


  9. In Merlin Project I can’t find how to display the time line. Has this feature been removed ?

    Thanks … John

  10. Hi Vicky,
    How do I extend the length of the time rulers? Currently mine only goes to July 2016… I’d like to extend this for at least a few months.



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