Merlin and Merlin Server: 2.8.4 Update

Today we’ve released a new free update. The 2.8.4 update brings various improvements and more stability. It is recommended for all Merlin and Merlin Server users.

Resolved Issues in Merlin

  • Values for the field “default utilization” were not accepted under Mac OS X 10.7.
  • Logging into a project failed if the password was an email address.
  • Under some circumstances, a project file could not be saved.
  • NovaMind 5 files cound not be imported via drag and drop, a file element was created instead.
  • Exporting and importing NovaMind files was improved.
  • Under some circumstances, the performance of opening a Merlin file over the internet was very slow.
  • When scrolling in the outline, the scroll position could sometimes jump unexpectedly.
  • Under some circumstances, XML files exported from Merlin did not show the correct % complete value when imported into MS Project.
  • Some mpp files could not be opened by Merlin.
  • An arrow button was wrongly shown when printing the Elements view.
  • Some Applescript properties such as “expected work” and “actual work” did not work.
  • Fixed wrong page breaks in report templates.
  • The project template “Software-Development” contained some actual values.
  • Fixed some translation issues and typos.
  • The German and English help files are updated.

Resolved Issues in Merlin Web

  • Sometimes a wrong project was opened after pasting a direct link into URL field of a web browser.
  • The fields “actual work cost”, “planned work cost” and “expected work cost” are now also available in the Resource view and Utilization view.

Resolved Issues in Merlin Server

  • It was not possible to change the password of a Merlin Server via the OK button.

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