Merlin – Do a little bit of magic in Merlin reports – part XXV

Those of you who do project management with Merlin on your Mac and have checked our post series explaining how to create custom templates for Merlin reports, know by now…

Now let’s do some magic with the reports.

Cost report: Planned, Expected, Actual, Remaining actual cost

We’ve been asked in Merlin support, how to output planned, expected, actual cost along with the remaining actual cost. Merlin provides columns for the first 3 values in its views (View – Show View Options – Columns). There is however no column calculating a remaining cost.

One possible way to realize this, would be to activate the above mentioned columns, copy the rows (or export as a csv file), use the date in Excel (or Numbers, or what ever:-) ) and let it calculate the balance row-wise based on the value of expected and actual cost.

Another way would be to create a report (as for example this one) and let it do the required calculation.

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