Risky Business

Ask any Project Manager if they think Risk Management is an important part of successful project management and they’ll all say yes. Ask them if they actually use Risk Management consistently throughout the entire project lifecycle and you’ll probably see far fewer hands go up.

In my own personal experience, I have found that there is almost nothing that eases the path of a project as much as a consistent and disciplined approach to Risk Management. There are two very simple reasons why a consistent approach to capturing, evaluating and managing risk is so critical to managing projects. Continue reading

Merlin – attaching emails onto project structures

As a project manager working with Merlin I would like to know if there are any quick and easy means of adding emails as attachments onto my project plans?  I am using Apple’s standard Mail.app on a contemporary Mac OS X version.

Sure, just drag and drop emails from Mail directly onto activities of your Merlin project. Merlin will insert them as elements and list them in the according elements area as file elements. Should you want to read the contents of this email message later on, just select it in the elements area, and use the inspector to ‘open’ it again in Mail.app. It’s as simple as that.

Merlin on a web browser

The other day we received the following question in support:

We are testing Merlin for project management on the Mac and are very interested to use your solution but there is one functionality which seems to be not covered in the web access; we are not able to add elements (risk, issue, or files)

That’s correct. Merlin in the web module allows users working on other platforms to collaborate on Merlin files using a web browser*. It is not just another implementation of the Merlin Mac OS X application for the web.
While behaving similarly to the native Merlin application, its functionality and graphical user interface  is deliberately minimalized** to insure better usability from web users not having deeper Merlin knowledge.


*) Supported web browser: IE7, IE8 in compatibility mode, Safari 4, Firefox 3

**) All differences between Merlin on Mac OS X and in the Web module: here