Merlin 2.8.1 is published

Today we released another maintenance update for Merlin. It comes not only with optimisations under the hood, the update also contains some new features.

Merlin supports as of now import of mindmaps from the new NovaMind. Also an often asked function was finally implemented: You can request a copy of your Merlin license(s) directly over Merlin’s help menu or the license dialogue. You will be then re-directed to a specially for this purpose created web page on which you can complete your request.

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Merlin 2.8 is released

Today we released Merlin 2.8. Beside the compatibility to Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion”, we’ve added a few, but interesting features. Now you can use the full screen mode from Lion and the files from the former working session in Merlin will be reopened automatically. Also a new risk report is now included.

All changes in detail:

New Features in Merlin

  • Compatibility to Mac OS 10.7 “Lion”.
  • Merlin does support the full screen mode when executing under Mac OS 10.7 “Lion”.
  • The import of MS Project files is further improved. Supported are now all versions starting with MS Project 2002 until MS Project 2010.
  • Add a new Risk Report.

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Configuring your router for Merlin web and Merlin iPhone

In case you need to configure your router to access  over the internet by web browser or iOS devices, please check the following configuration information.

Please note:

Q. How to enable UPNP on my router?

A. Modern router (purchased within the last 4 years) usually support UPNP, but this service is often disabled per default. To enable it, you need to call the router settings over a web browser. You simply type its IP address and press Enter. D-Link routers have per default, Linksys, some other routers prefer

If you are not sure about your router’s address, just call your ‘Network’ Mac OS X System Preference pane, select your connected interface, call ‘Advanced…’ and switch to the ‘TCP/IP’ tab. Your router’s IP will be displayed there.

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Merlin Web – access and edit a project shared by Merlin Server

This is rather basic but since we get asked from time to time in support, please bear with us if you already are familiar with it, otherwise sit back and enjoy.

How do I edit my Merlin projects in the web browser? I share them over my Merlin Server.

Editing your Merlin projects on the web is easy.

  • Once you know their address (in this case the Merlin Server’s address) just use the address on a supported web browser*.
  • Merlin web shows no inspector, you edit the values in the shown columns directly.
  • Expected columns contain automatically calculated values, are thus not editable.
  • To edit your schedule use the column set ‘Time Planing’ and edit the ‘given planned… dates’. You can use the mini calendar or type the appropriate dates.
  • To update your schedule use the column set  ‘Project Reporting (Percent)’; or ‘Project Reporting (absolute)’ depending on the reporting mode you want to use.
  • To link or indent activities  use the according buttons.
  • Don’t forget to save your changes.

You may want to check the screencast showing how to enable Merlin Server, and access or edit the project in Safari afterwards: Continue reading