Applescript – MS Excel to Merlin

Can I import a selected range of cell from an MS EXCEL sheet into Merlin as tasks?

Merlin can import various file formats.  For a complete list please check related topic in Merlin online help.

The official way to import MS EXCEL documents is to save them as csv files, and to open the csv file in Merlin in a second step.

  • So you select in MS EXCEL File > Save as… > Comma Separated Values (.csv)
  • You drag the csv text file to Merlin’s project listing and
  • map the fields of the csv files to Merlin columns.
  • Merlin will then import the file into the existing project.

To quicken things however, we have created a small Applescript sample, which handles the current MS EXCEL selection, goes through its rows and enters them as tasks into an existing Merlin project.

If interested, feel free to download, use or modify as you like.  Continue reading

Merlin: CSV duration units

Duration unitsThere is a new feature in Merlin 2.7.6 and its CSV reading & writting possibilities.

You can now define the unit for the durations and choose one of the following: Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Calendarweeks, Months and Years.

This is very practical in case you want to import project information in spreadsheets of MS Excel, Numbers, etc and need further calculations referencing duration data.

In this case simply choose the appropriate unit when exporting. Merlin will recalculate project durations if necessary in the output.

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