Applescript – Evernote to Merlin

Merlin project management software integrates easily with lots of other Mac and Windows applications. For some applications you need to export/import files, with others you simply sync from Merlin. If you use Evernote to record your notes and want to transfer them to Merlin, you may now do so, by the use of the following script sample created in AppleScript.

It reacts on the Evernote selection and transfers selected notes to Merlin. Just select the notes you want to transfer in Evernote, call the script and see selected notes transferred in the top most opened Merlin project as file elements. Those elements can be then viewed even without connection to the Evernote account or the Evernote app on your Mac and are now part of your project.

Download: Evernote > Merlin AppleScript sample

Update on Jan 16th, 2013: Activated an alert informing about the inserted elements. Saved the AppleScript application as Applescript to avoid issues with Lion and Mountain Lion Gatekeeper.