Merlin – Master projects

With Merlin you can do schedules of your projects. You assign tasks to your resources, enter financial information (costs, budget), record issues, risks, attach files with additional information, update actual work, see scheduling warnings, call reports and lots more when working with the separate project files.

Should you manage more than one project at a time and assign your resources to more than one project, you need to coordinate their various assignments and make sure the resources are not over allocated. There is a concept for this in Merlin called… combining projects.
Combining projects is easy. Just call File > Combine Projects… and create a ‘master’ project file.

ScreenSnapz020When requiring to combine project shared by Merlin or Merlin Server, open those project files over “Remote Open”.

To save a ‘master’ project, just call File > Save As…

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Setting Threshold Levels in Utilization View

MerlinSchnappschuss014One of the benefits of using Merlin is tracking resource utilization*.

Just take a look in the Gantt chart  of the Utilization view. Color coded bars and percentage information visualize overall resource utilization in the current scale of the timeline.

Related to this feature, we often hear from customers who wish to customize the threshold levels controlling the yellow-green-red colors.

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