Merlin – Do a little bit of magic in Merlin reports – part XXVI

Those of you who do project management with Merlin on your Mac and have checked our post series explaining how to create custom templates for Merlin reports, know by now…

Now let’s do some magic with the reports.

Format dates in ‘Information report’, ‘Next Due Activities’ and ‘Review Report’ as dd/mm/yyy

Above report templates are XSLT based reports. This technology does not allow them to ask the date format on your Mac, so dates are hard coded as (mm/dd/yyyy) which is correct if you are US based.

If you however want to format dates as dd/mm/yyy you would need to edit all those report.xslt files and modify the dateformatter from “‘[M01]/[D01]/[Y]'” …Report.xslt-DateFormatter

to “‘[D01]/[M01]/[Y]'”.

To make a long story short, we’ve created a new set of those three reports and post it hereafter.

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