Merlin – Port forwarding

When publishing a Merlin project and want to access it over the internet, port forwarding needs to take place. Users accessing the project over the internet call the external IP  address of the router, and the router forwards connections to the Mac sharing the Merlin projects. Read here to improve your understanding to connection requests.

If your router supports Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) or NAT Port Mapping Protocol*, you should enable “port forwarding” for the appropriate sharing service you need yours projects to be shared for in Merlin > Preferences > Sharing … 

…priorly to enabling web sharing over File > Publish > Web > Start

Merlin will then calculate the @ symbol to contain the external IP address of the router and the @ icon will finally turn from red to blue.

In the screenshot sample above, port forwarding is enabled for web sharing (applying also for iPhone sharing) but not for project sharing. That’s fine, you don’t need to enable port forwarding for project sharing if you don’t want to allow Merlin users to remotely open your shared projects over the internet.

If however your router does not support UPNP, so you had to configure your router to do port forwarding, there is no reason to enable ’port fowardingin Merlin preferences. Merlin won’t receive the external IP address of the router, as the router replies only if it speaks UPNP. And even if you enable “port forwarding” in Merlin, you still get a red @ icon when sharing. Continue reading

Configuring your router for Merlin web and Merlin iPhone

In case you need to configure your router to access  over the internet by web browser or iOS devices, please check the following configuration information.

Please note:

Q. How to enable UPNP on my router?

A. Modern router (purchased within the last 4 years) usually support UPNP, but this service is often disabled per default. To enable it, you need to call the router settings over a web browser. You simply type its IP address and press Enter. D-Link routers have per default, Linksys, some other routers prefer

If you are not sure about your router’s address, just call your ‘Network’ Mac OS X System Preference pane, select your connected interface, call ‘Advanced…’ and switch to the ‘TCP/IP’ tab. Your router’s IP will be displayed there.

Upon connection to your router, Continue reading

Understanding connection requests

Collaboration is essential in project management. Merlin supports PMs in their every day work in that it allows collaboration to their projects over 3 kinds of interfaces. Once a project has been shared with either Merlin for Mac OS X or Merlin Server, it may be accessed by other Merlin for Mac OS X applications (acting as clients), supported web browsers or iOS devices.

How does this work?
The short answer is: “easily“. For the longer answer please read here Continue reading

Merlin & Merlin iPhone – how to share projects for iPhone

publishIn Merlin documentation, online help and various other web spaces one can read how to share projects for the iPhone when using Merlin for Mac OS X. The procedure is straight forwards. You open the projects in Merlin for Mac OS X, you call the publishing dialog by a click onto the yellow horn symbol, and start iPhone sharing.

  1. In case both Mac (with Merlin sharing the project) and iPhone are logged into the same LAN, you may use on the iPhone the Merlin *Server* automatically discovered over Bonjour and shown in the Servers list of Merlin iPhone app.
  2. Continue reading