iPhone wakes creative instincts

iPhone Film Festival is a very interesting website we have just found. Created and designed to give artists an avenue to show their talent and creativity, it contains currently more than 800 submissions. April 6th, 2011 is the iPhone Film Festival day. Until then everyone can submit new works. There are some rules of submission though; the entire film for example must be shot with an iPhone or iPod Touch, any software can be used for editing video and audio and external microphones, wide angle lens, lighting, or tripods are allowed.

My personal favorites so far are the ones I’ve embedded here: So Simple from Mathieu Douville on Vimeo. Made with an iPod touch, edited with iMovie on a MacBook Pro.

Or the very professional work called Golden Harvest from The Film Artist on Vimeo

Enjoy and discover other remarkable works at iPhone File Festival’s website directly.

One thought on “iPhone wakes creative instincts

  1. Vicky thank you for the great article my goal for the festival was 1. keep it fun and not have so many rules and 2. Keep submission free to encourage all the film makers within to come out. The result AMAZING films and every time I think I’ve seen it all and it can’t get any better well they submit a film and shock me on how talented and creative these guys are. The latest one I have a teaser video he will be getting the full video out shortly and it will be in 3D http://www.iphoneff.com/archives/968


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