Life without i-Devices

Returning from my summer holidays taken in a small island somewhere in the middle of the Greek aegean see, I cannot help but asking myself how I could ever manage and make it on time catching my plane flying me back home. I don’t ware a watch, I don’t need one as I always carry my iPhone in my pocket. While on holidays not only I had not checked the time on the cell phone but barely even used it for calls, or text messages. Theoretically I could check my emails when being near an open WiFi, but in fact this had never really worked out because either the WiFis were password protected or my battery was that low that upon connecting to the open WiFi the device would simply shut down by itself.

So I never really knew how late it is, or wether it’s Monday or Tuesday… The things of interest were, have we put watermelon in the fridge (to cool it down), how many times had we a shower this day (to cool us down) and do we have enough water to take another, or are there any of these tasty figs left we’ve peaked up from the tree on our way back home from the beach?

Well, I survived my summer holidays without my i-Device. It wasn’t easy to break with my usual habits, but I somehow managed. How attached and depending are you?  Here are the answers of some healthcare workers to this question. And here is another relevant anecdote

PS. While pressing the ‘publish’ button to post this, my iPhone played the tone of new mail received, I sure am back 😉