Great ideas

The last 3 days we have had our regular team meeting. It was very productive, enlightening and fun for yet again another time. Infrastructure worked, people were willing to share information and did so in a comprensible way, ideas came up, decisions were made and our team culture grew.

So being back and retrospecting the past few days I am considering the lessons learned from this last trip:

  1. It’s always great when meetings are successful, but it sure takes a certain amount of preparation otherwise you can be sure they will fail. Need some tips about that? That’s fine, just check out this post…
  2. You cannot force creativity into a specific time slot. You should encourage thinking at all time, which could help finding great ideas.
  3. Group culture is unavoidable, but be careful not to overdue it and exclude new comers  too quickly. Need some tips about that? Check out this post

Taking about great ideas, I found a very interesting video by Ignite Charlotte. Its title is ‘Where Do Ideas Come From‘ and it sure worths watching…