Merlin download fails sometimes

We’ve had some support mails from time to time reporting us that the downloadable extracts on their Macs a broken, which either fails to start or does not create new empty projects.

After searching and searching, we finally managed to nail this down to two possible reasons:

1. Mac users not utilizing the standard Apple’s ‘Archive Utility’ for expanding the zip archive.

One user for example named ‘WinAchiver’. In case you had the same issue, please ctrl (or right) click your and select  Open With > Archive Utility explicitly.

Expand with standard Apple's Archive Utility


2. Mac users of download manager apps.

One user for example named ‘Folx’. If having a poor connection to the internet and use download manager apps to quicken the download or resume interrupted downloads, please make sure the downloaded zip is really completed.

Compare its size with the size shown on the update page. If your zip is much too small, try downloading with Firefox, Chrome or even Safari instead, or use following alternative link: (provided by our Billings’ parnter: Kagi)

Help us get the big picture:

If this worked for you, please leave us a note and name the expander or download manager app you were using.