Merlin – enter actuals to record progress and update your Merlin projects

When managing a project with Merlin on your Mac you create your tasks and assign them to your resources. As your resources work on their tasks, you as a PM usually update your Merlin project by entering actual values and record progress.

Updating actual values in the ‘Actuals’ inspector and ‘absolute’ mode

Which means, you enter the percentage of completed work and the actual start date. Whenever planned work does not match the actual work, you update the tasks in absolute mode, and enter actual work or remaining work and duration values in time units.

How to proceed next time your resources work on their task, and your want to update your Merlin project to record the new progress?

Just update existing actual values (in the ‘Actuals’ inspector or the columns):

When updating in ‘percentage’ mode, enter the new ‘% complete’ value.

For tasks updated in ‘absolute’ mode, just edit the new amount of actual work done and remaining work so far. If the task is completed, enter 0 h in ‘remaining work’ field.