Merlin or Merlin Server? – Sharing projects for collaboration

Merlin allows sharing for project collaboration over 2 possible ways; over the desktop application Merlin for Mac OS X or Merlin Server.

With Merlin for Mac OS X you may share projects for concurrent access by other Merlin users.

By an additional license for Merlin for Mac OS X you may enable sharing for concurrent access by users utilizing a supported web browser.

Also iPhone sharing can be enabled in Merlin for Mac OS X. It requires an optional license for Merlin and allows editing and viewing of projects on iOS devices.

Those licenses can be purchased in our shop.

Or you install Merlin Server, place the projects you create by the desktop version of Merlin into a folder and select this folder in Merlin Server to enable sharing. In Merlin Server’s license project sharing for other Merlin for Mac OS X users is bundled along with Web-Sharing for up to 10 concurrent sessions and sharing for 10 iPhones.

Merlin Server licenses can be purchased in our shop.

Please note:

Once a project is shared by Merlin Server you won’t need to enable any other sharing options with Merlin for Mac OS X. Similar case applies when sharing over Merlin for Mac OS X. In this case, no Merlin Server will be required.

Merlin Server runs seamlessly. Whenever a Merlin for Mac OS X is sharing projects, it should be running, the projects should be opened and appropriate sharing option should be enabled as long as access to those projects is required.

We recommend installing and using Merlin Server when having more than 5 projects and users collaborating on those.