Merlin Project: The best Merlin ever. Test now for free!

ProjectWizards proudly announces the immediate availability of Merlin Project with a free beta trial download. Merlin Project is the next evolution of the critically acclaimed award winning project management software – Merlin 2. The Merlin Project offering includes a new interface built with many new features based on all of the proven project management benefits offered in Merlin 2.

The Birth of Merlin Project!

Merlin Project offers a new interface that takes an intuitive approach to project management.

Business intelligent reporting includes mind mapping that can be easily shared with members in your project management community. Improved search optimization provides the ability to quickly find important information imperative to any project need. An Earned Value Analysis shows resource cost over time and presents the EVA formula in the graphic interface.

Download a trial version of Merlin Project for free from our new webpage.

Join the Merlin Project Beta Test!

ProjectWizards is affording the public user base an opportunity to beta test Merlin Project. A public offering provides the volume of prospective users to test the software as we grow towards full production. Be one of the first users to see the value Merlin Project will provide the market!

Your help is greatly appreciated! Our support team will welcome any feedback in response to the Merlin Project beta user experience.

You will be kept posted on the Merlin Project blog and web page as the beta phase progresses and will be notified when Merlin Project goes into full production.

Test now for free — We look forward to your feedback!


Merlin – Combine projects

There are various ways to combine projects into one master project.

Combine local Merlin projects – no Merlin Server involved:
If combining local projects of your local hard disk, you can select them all and drag onto Merlin‘s icon or double click them and select ‘combine’ or choose File > Combine Projects:

Combine shared Merlin Server projects:
If combining projects which are shared by Merlin Server, please proceed as shown here:

That is… you choose File >  Combine Projects, add the projects and open them by “remote open”. If the new master is to be shared by the same Merlin Server, save the file first on your local disk and copy it in a second step into the ‘Projects’* folder of Merlin Server.



*) Or any other folder your Merlin Server shares.

Merlin – Address Book Contacts on Mountain Lion

I would like to add resources into my Merlin project from the mac Address Book. When I look in the Merlin library the Address Book icon is there but I can’t seem to get it to populate with any contacts. When I drag and drop a contact from my Address Book on to the resources list, it adds a new resource but doesn’t provide any of the contact information. I am using the latest Merlin for Mac OS X version on a current OS X 10.8.x (Mountain Lion)- Can you help?


When working on Mountain Lion, you should allow Merlin to access the Address Book contacts. If this is not the case, Merlin won’t be able to list those contacts in the Library or provide contact information.
So please check System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Contacts > …