Merlin iOS app – enter actuals to record progress and update your Merlin projects

When managing a project with Merlin on your Mac you create your tasks and assign them to your resources. As your resources work on their tasks, you as a PM usually update your Merlin project by entering actual values and record progress.

Merlin user on an iOS device:

As a Merlin user editing a shared Merlin project on the iOS device with Merlin iOS app, you tap the i button of a task, switch to the ‘Actuals‘ and tap on ‘Edit‘… Depending on what you want to log, you enter actuals in ‘percentage‘ or ‘absolute‘ mode.

    Use percentage, when the total work expected for this task matches the planned entry. Means, you entered 3 planned days, you expect the task to be done within 3 planned days, and have currently a 25% progress to record.

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    Use absolute, when the total work expected for this task does not match the planned entry. Means, you had 5 planned days, but after having worked for 4 days onto this task you realize that it really needs 3 more days.

    If the task is completed, enter the correct amount of actual work for the task, for example 7 days in the ‘normal‘ field and enter 0 days in the ‘remaining work’ field.

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Merlin user on Mac update their progress thus.



25 Incredibly Useful iPad Applications

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The site is geared towards helping people find a great graduate program for PM (cough – University of Texas at Dallas – cough), but her recent blog post on iPad apps has some great ideas in it.

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The iPad2 and Project Management

Last year when Apple unveiled the iPad, I, along with countless others were overcome with that all too familiar craving for new gear from Cupertino. Having tried and quickly abandoned several tablets running the other operating system, I was hopeful that the iPad would gain the acceptance it has rightfully earned, but as a project manager, I was mostly curious about how this new device would fit in with my job. The Windows tablets I had tried in the past always seemed to make my job harder. So, when I purchased it, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do it… but like I said… The craving…

Since then I’ve found a number of ways the original iPad enables me in managing projects and best of all, I’m able to use it with Merlin. And now, we have the iPad 2. Continue reading

Merlin – secure projects and access over the iPhone or iPad app

We have wrote in the past how to secure your Merlin projects when wanting them to be accessed over the web by a supported web browser.

Are you wondering how to proceed when requiring password protected access over the iPhone or iPad app?

The answer is… very similar to how you do for web sharing and access.
On your Mac with Merlin for Mac OS X…

  • You create a resource in case you haven’t one already in your project.
  • You enable its ‘is user’ flag and enter a password.
  • You enable the project setting ‘hide from anonymous users’ for more privacy.
  • Save your project and enable iPhone sharing.

On your Merlin app on the iPhone or iPad

  • You ‘login’ by the appropriate user and password first
  • you see Merlin Server refreshing its list up authentication
  • and tap the project afterwards to access it from your app.

For those of you preferring pictures over words, check out the following screencasts. Continue reading