Merlin One-on-One

ProjectWizards is now offering personal one-on-one training and coaching for Merlin users via the web. If you are interested in scheduling time with a Merlin Trainer who is focused specifically on how you are using Merlin and the specific challenges you are working through, then please send us an email at

The agenda for the time you book is entirely up to you, but should focus on the use of Merlin on Mac OS X and Project Management. The more detail you can bring to the session about the particular issues you are facing, the easier it will be for us to make sure the time is spent addressing the things you are most concerned about.

The cost for the session is $200/hour with a 2-hour minimum. Sessions are conducted via GotoTraining and payment must be made before the session begins. The availability is limited, orders will be handled first come, first serve.

Merlin: Create column sets in Merlin and select them in the web browser

In Merlin you can setup the columns individually. You may switch off the visibility of the per default displayed columns, or choose to display others. You may change their order by drag & drop on the display, and of course change their width.

As soon as you have the desired setup you can save it as a “Column Set”. To do so, ctrl (or right) click the column titles and call “Column Sets > Save…”.
Column Sets > Save…

Merlin brings up a dialogue for you to type in the name of the column set. You have the option to save Continue reading

Merlin: Applescript splitting activity

From time to time we get asked whether it is possible to split an activity in Merlin so it can be assigned to various resources at different time periods. Well, you will not find an explicit function doing so, but if you like, you may use the following AppleScript.

If you save it under ~/Library/Application Support/Merlin/SendToMenu it will always be accessible in Merlin over the File > Send To submenu.

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Merlin: Adjusting time rulers in the Gantt chart

Merlin displays two ruler grid levels for the time line on the Gantt chart per default for new empty projects. One in days and another in calendar weeks. Depending on the planned work values of your activities, you may want to zoom in or out the time scale. To do so, simply click the according buttons on the bottom of the window.


Should you however need more ruler grid levels, you may define up to four. To add another grid, just click on the arrow pointing down on the right end of a grid level and select ‘Add top row’.


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