Merlin Training in San Francisco

Four hours ago started the second and last day of our Merlin Training in San Francisco. The session – held by Prior,  president of ProjectWizards Inc – leverages traditional project management best practices for Merlin users. The class format is a mix of lecture, demonstration, and practical exercises in order to reinforce the lessons and ensure that each participant leaves with a solid understanding of how to make the best possible use of Merlin.

According to Frank Blome, who is also there, first day was awesome, and the participants are very motivated to learn how to effectively use Merlin for managing their projects.

Merlin Training in San Francisco, Dave Prior and Participants

The class was hosted by Next Space, which provided the professional infrastructure.

Rebecca Brian, Co-Founder San Francisco
NextSpace’s business concept is a very interesting one, deserving naming here: NextSpace sells membership into a collaborative community and solves two fundamental problems. First, they provide access to professional infrastructure: cool workspace, Internet and utilities, conference rooms, and business services.  Second, freelancing can be lonely. Without other people to work with and bounce ideas off of, creative professionals can be unproductive or downright unhealthy. NextSpace provides the creative community that so many freelancers and independents are looking for. Check their page if interested in more information.

Missed the course? No problem. Here the next Merlin Trainings currently offered:

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