Merlin: using Merlin iPhone app

With the optional web or iPhone sharing, you have always direct access to your Merlin projects, practically from anywhere. The Merlin iPhone app is as intuitive as Merlin itself, should you however like to read more about it, you may want to download the Merlin iPhone Quick Start Guide.

Please find hereafter the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

When can I use Bonjour?

Should you use Merlin iPhone app within your own WLAN, you do not need to know the IP address of the machine publishing the projects or to enter this when wanting to access them. Merlin iPhone will find Merlin “server” via Bonjour and list their published projects automatically.

How can I sync my projects not being connected to my Wi-Fi?

When wanting to sync your projects and your iPhone has currently an EDGE or UMTS (3G) connection to the internet, you will need to establish a connection to your network using the external IP address of your router. If the router supports UPnP, it will then automatically forward your requests to the publishing Mac. Please read here some troubleshooting info, in case you router does not support UPnP.

You can also use DynDNS or a similar service, making things easier to access a dynamically generated IP. Please read here for more information.

Update: New question added…

I can see the publishing Merlin  mac listed as a server (over Bonjour) on my Merlin iPhone but cannot connect to it

You should check the firewall settings of your mac and in case firewall is enabled, you should allow incoming connections for Merlin or Merlin Server.

7 thoughts on “Merlin: using Merlin iPhone app

  1. For those of us using Merlin as single users, it would be a great advantage to be able to edit projects offline and then sync by wi-fi to the desktop. I really miss that opportunity. Having Merlin installed only on a MacBook pro, I don’t want to leave it running on a 24-hour basis or whenever I’m out of office. Perhaps for Christmas…?

  2. Hmmm… Interesting idea, not really compatible with the Merlin Server concept though…

  3. I would really appreciate offline-online sync feature Arild B. Banda mentioned above. Using Daylite and Daylite Touch with this function has really spoilt me…

  4. +1

    offline editing of a project and then syncing back would be excellent (and justify the cost of the license). even if for a start I’d have to “check out” a project before working on it offline … think of flights or client meetings when you wouldn’t want to or couldn’t use your laptop …

  5. It would be great to have a online Sync Service like Omniplan are offering. We at our company are allways out of office for weeks and have Merlin Server running at office level. It would also be very usefull to have a Linux version of Merlin Server to install on a virtual machine in the data center.

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