When to sprint

Hi, this is me Perri…

I had the other day a good idea to blog about and I though, I should write a ‘to-do’ before I forget it. So I started our Daylite, logged into the server, added a new task and written down a resume for the feature blog post. I categorized it, set up a priority, even entered some referencing URLs for external links and as I was about to save the task I remembered what I had read in the blog post Sprint is a Great Idea of Pawel Brodzinski:

Next time you have a task which you should take you fairly short time (a few days) try to sprint. Not much strategy, not much thinking about anything else – just run as far as you can.

So… canceled saving, copied the summary, logged into the Merlin blog, created a new post, pasted the clipboard and simply did my sprint. Editing and posting was quicker than task creation or scheduling and had not really delayed the other plans of the day at all.

I really have to write a post-it for this:

Remember: Scrum techniques apply on many areas, not only on project management.