Merlin 2.7.7 is available

Today we published another maintenance update for Merlin and Merlin Server. Here are the changes.

Resolved Issues in Merlin

  • In combined projects, the utilization view was not refreshing under some circumstances.
  • The resource’s cost accrual setting “at start” did produce the same result as “prorated”.
  • Start dates of linked projects were deletable via the project link inspector.
  • In Merlin Web Sharing, the default time zone was not set to GMT, which resulted in wrong creation dates of elements.
  • Fixed an issue in the licensing system for Merlin iPhone.
  • The status attribute was not selectable from within the predicate editor for elements.
  • The value for “Given Startmode” was not exported properly in CSV export.
  • Some access rights on creating project files did not set correctly.
  • The “Merlin Quick Guide” is now in French language as well.
  • Some translation issues have been fixed.

Resolved Issues in Merlin Server

  • Merlin Server brought an error message for port 7090 after some time of work.
  • Merlin did hang on saving a master project with aliases on Merlin Server files.
  • A crash could appear when all numbers of a port of a custom server were deleted.