Free web service converting ICS files to CSV

Merlin on Mac can import all day events of ics (calendar) files as exceptions in the ‘working time’ inspector of your Merlin project or resources.

It can also export project scheduling (or resources’ assignments) as ics files so you can use them in your calendar applications.

Some Merlin users may however want to import events or todos of ics (calendar) files as activities in their Merlin projects. This is also possible if one first converts the ics files to csv and drags the csv file in a second step to Merlin.

To help our Merlin users with the conversion task, we’ve provided a free web service:

ics to csv converter

Click here to convert an ics file to a tab delimited csv file…

Please use and share it with others if find appropriate 🙂


Merlin – Exceptional working days

If you want to enter some exceptional working days in a Merlin project, for example when needing to plan and schedule work during the weekend, you do this in the ‘working time’ inspector.
If you need this information for the whole project, you click the top most entry in the activities views. You switch to the ‘working time’ inspector and add an exception for the specific date in the ‘exceptions’ tab. Continue reading