Merlin 2.9 update with support for OS X 10.8

Today we’ve released a new free Merlin update. The Merlin 2.9 update brings various improvements and more stability. It is recommended for all Merlin and Merlin Server users.

How to update Merlin
How to update Merlin Server

    • Merlin and Merlin Server support new Gatekeeper and start on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion as identified software.

With Mountain Lion Apple introduces a new technology called “Gatekeeper”. Gatekeeper helps protect you from downloading and installing malicious software on your Mac, no matter where your apps come from. And it gives you even more control over which apps you install. With the standard option Gatekeeper installs only apps from the Mac App Store and apps from identified developers. Merlin and Merlin Server are now signed by ProjectWizards as an indentified developer and working with the Gatekeeper default option under OS X Mountain Lion.

We highly recommend users of OS X Mountain Lion to install this update.

Updating existing installations of Merlin Server: The formerly contained certificate is now replaced by the new one verified by Apple. Therefore the very first time you start Merlin Server, you will be asked to allow accessing Keychain for the existing certificate to be replaced. Please click on “Allow always”.

Resolved Issues in Merlin

  • Freemind HTML export was broken.
  • LDAP items with images could not be loaded.

Merlin 2.8.5 update available

Today we’ve released a new free update. The 2.8.5 update brings various improvements and more stability. It is recommended for all Merlin and Merlin Server users.

    How to update Merlin

    Resolved Issues in Merlin

  • Some mpp files could not be opened by Merlin.
  • MS Project could not open from Merlin generated XML files containing % in duration fields or some special character in a task’s title.

Sending the Merlin URL to the iPhone

Publishing a project in Merlin for Mac OS X so it can be accessed from an iPhone is quite simple. Just click on the “Publishing” icon, select the “iPhone” tab, and click on the “Start” button. From within a local network, this project can be immediately discovered and opened using Merlin iPhone via Bonjour. But what about accessing a project file from outside a local network?

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The Merlin and iPhone presentation in London

Last night I had the opportunity to demonstrate Merlin on the Mac and unveil Merlin iPhone at the Apple Store in London, Regent Street


As the 5pm presentation start time approached, seating was nearing capacity and set-up had gone without a hitch. I just wish I could say the same about the rest of my day leading to the presentation. Those who follow me on Twitter (fblome) know my travails all too well; my flight to London was first delayed due to technical issues, and then cancelled altogether. End result? I dashed back into my car and drove from Münster to Düsseldorf to catch another flight to London (yes, this one fortunately left on time). All told, I touched down in London five hours later than I should have, but fortunately, I still made it in time for my Merlin presentation at the Apple Store. Here are the slides from my presentation:

Update: We are excited to learn that the editors of have just promoted our presentation to be featured on their home page!

The prices for the British Pound are updated

We are very sorry, but we had to increase the Merlin prices for our friends in the United Kingdom. In recent months the exchange rate between the Euro (our base currency) and the British Pound went got progressively worse. We have been selling Merlin for quite some time at an undervalued price based on the exchange rate, hoping the market situation might improve.

Unfortunately this was not the case as you can see here:

British Pound

As a result, we couldn’t ignore the exchange disparity any longer, so have modified the UK £ prices as follows:

  • Merlin: £145
  • Merlin Education: £105
  • Merlin Web: £95
  • Upgrade to Merlin 2: £75

As soon the exchange rate improves, we will reset the price again.