How to access Merlin projects from dynamic-IP driven locations

If you are publishing Merlin projects from a computer that has a dynamically generated IP address, this can cause problems for your users already having received the project URLs and use in the meanwhile obsolete IPs to access the projects.  This situation easily occurs, as the IP address of your router changes upon re-connecting to your internet provider.

In this case the actual project URLs will fall out of sync with the URL and IP address that Merlin has originally published. Fortunately, there is a solution readily at hand allowing you to create a static host name that can be used instead.

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Setting Threshold Levels in Utilization View

MerlinSchnappschuss014One of the benefits of using Merlin is tracking resource utilization*.

Just take a look in the Gantt chart  of the Utilization view. Color coded bars and percentage information visualize overall resource utilization in the current scale of the timeline.

Related to this feature, we often hear from customers who wish to customize the threshold levels controlling the yellow-green-red colors.

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Using Merlin’s Web Module

In this how-to we will explore how to share your Merlin project file over the internet. We will detail how to setup your older router (no UPNP support) or modern routers (with UPNP support) so other users can easily access your shared Merlin file.


To publish your projects over the web you need Merlin (2.7.1 or newer). Although the web sharing addon is shipped with Merlin 2.7, it requires a separate license that you need to purchase. You can get your Merlin Web Sharing license here. Otherwise, you can publish your project file for web access for no longer than 15 minutes. Continue reading