Hello 2010, bye bye 2009!

One lays a bit longer in bed at Christmas, and finds the new year already in full swing when awaking. But wait. Our hibernation was not that deep, we simply granted ourselves a short break. 2009 was after all the most active year in our young history.

Directly on its begin, January 2009, we were in the Macworld and presented Merlin iPhone to the interested visitors.

In February 2009 the beta test of Merlin 2.7 started containing the new version of Merlin Web. A Merlin Twitter presence was also created, with over 750 followers meanwhile.

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Merlin 2.7.2 (free of charge update!)

We are pleased to announce the release of Merlin 2.7.2 and Merlin Server 2.7.2 for MacOS X Snow Leopard. Both updates are available as a free download to license holders of Merlin 2 and Merlin Server,
or via the Merlin > Check for Updates… menu item.

What’s new in Merlin 2.7.2 (free of charge update!)

New Features

  • This version is now supporting Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard”.
  • Merlin Web: If a text column contains URLs, these URLs are now rendered as links. By clicking on them a new window/tab is opened and the corresponding content is shown.

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WWDC: New iPhone, New MacBooks, Safari 4, and Snow Leopard

It’s become a tradition for Apple to announce new products at the WWDC Developer conference. True to form, Apple did not disappoint this year with the unveiling of the new iPhone 3G S, iPhone 3.0 Software Update, updated MacBooks, Safari 4, and the unveiling of  Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Check out the Apple Press Releases for the official “word” or better yet, watch the  WWDC Keynote Address where all the action took place.