Merlin: How many calendar weeks in a year?

Last year we had 53 weeks and met the problem that my customers in some countries did not had 53 weeks but 52. When we in Europe ‘lived’ in week 53, they already start calculating with week 1. Even though we have  the same date, in weeks they are ahead of us.
And now, when I do project management in Merlin I see that this program is also 1 week ahead.
Is there something I can do?

Yes of course, you simply have to make sure that you all use the same ‘calendar’. It all depends on the definition when a week starts. A week starts in Europe on Monday. In the USA and some other countries on Sunday.

This is the Gantt of a project having Sunday as first day of the week:


This is the Gantt of a project having Monday as first day of the week:


Both displays are correct, it is only a question of the desired settings.

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Merlin: iCal calendar import

icalDid you know? I had not until now. You can import iCal calendar onto your project or resource calendars and get the entries added as exceptions. Cool, isn’t it?

For those of you, like me, not knowing this functionality until now, here is how to proceed:

  1. You locate the iCal calendar you want to import(*) to your Merlin project.
  2. Open your Merlin project, select the top most entry in the outline, switch to the ‘Working Time’ tab on the inspector, click onto the gear symbol and call ‘Import…’. Continue reading