Applescript – Transfer selected activities to Reminders

To transfer the scheduling of your Merlin project as events in or reminders in the you have two options: you can export or publish to iCal.

Exporting and publishing to iCal work for users of OS X Lion and earlier with iCal. For users of OS X Mountain Lion and newer they transfer to Apple’s and

To be more specific Merlin exports or syncs the complete project, and/or the resource assignments whereby if you choose to

  • convert dates to All day events or those with times, the activities will be transferred as events in local calendars in the
  • convert dates as todos, the activities will be listed in the

We have had however some support requests wanting to know how to export/sync just a selection or a subset of activities. Our answer is, there is no explicit function in Merlin exporting the selection, but you may of course right click the specific project structures, call “Save selection” out of the contextual menu, open the newly created project and export to iCal as todos.

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Merlin – Start or stop iCal sync

You can synchronize your Merlin project file to iCal via…
File > Publish > iCal

The dialogue let’s you define the synchronization options and whether or not resources calendars should also be included.

If you like for example that Merlin syncs your project changes as soon as you save, you can enable the option “Auto-synchronize after save”.

If you prefer to choose by yourself when to sync, you can leave “Auto-synchronize after save” disabled and re-sync manually to the already existing iCal calendars via File > Publish > iCal > Sync now

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Merlin – MobileMe calendars break Merlin’s iCal sync

header_calendar_20100622If you are a Merlin user and thinking of upgrading to the new MobileMe calendars, please be aware that…

  • It converts your local calendars to subscribed calendars; which means Merlin won’t be able to sync to them
  • According to Apple, it is compatible to Mac OS X 10.6.4 or newer ; if you have any machines running Mac OS X 10.5.x, they won’t fully sync.

Why is that?

Merlin uses Apple’s SyncServices API for syncing with iCal. The new MobileMe calendar data is moved to a new calendar service, which supports the CalDAV standard. CalDAV is an industry-standard calendar protocol that works with the latest Apple iOS devices.

This means. You may sync locally your Merlin projects to iCal and sync with other Macs, but your local calendars won’t get synced to your MobileMe calendars accessed over your iOS devices.

In case you do decide to use the new MobileMe calendars, we recommend exporting your project schedules in local iCal calendars and in a second step into your MobileMe calendars.

Export in iCal

A similar approach is suggested by Apple when resolving problems with duplicate calendars.

You may consider as an alternative sharing your private calendars to be viewed and edited by MobileMe members to whom you have granted permission.

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Applescript – transferring selected structures to iCal

It’s been a long time ago, we’ve posted an applescript sample. The script for todays’ post was initiated by a user support request. The user knows that Merlin can export or sync project and resource calendars to iCal and already uses these options, however he sometimes need to export only some selected structures to iCal and was wondering how to do so.

One possible approach would be, to right click the specific project structures, call “Save selection” out of the contextual menu, open the newly created project and export to iCal.

Another approach may also be to write a script, similar to the ones we’ve written in the past for TimeLine 3D, Things or others, transferring just this selection.

Are you interested in the script solution? Great, here you are. Enjoy the script.

To find out how to place it into your File > Send To menu, please read here more