Applescript – Transfer selected activities to Reminders

To transfer the scheduling of your Merlin project as events in or reminders in the you have two options: you can export or publish to iCal.

Exporting and publishing to iCal work for users of OS X Lion and earlier with iCal. For users of OS X Mountain Lion and newer they transfer to Apple’s and

To be more specific Merlin exports or syncs the complete project, and/or the resource assignments whereby if you choose to

  • convert dates to All day events or those with times, the activities will be transferred as events in local calendars in the
  • convert dates as todos, the activities will be listed in the

We have had however some support requests wanting to know how to export/sync just a selection or a subset of activities. Our answer is, there is no explicit function in Merlin exporting the selection, but you may of course right click the specific project structures, call “Save selection” out of the contextual menu, open the newly created project and export to iCal as todos.

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Merlin – Edit published projects concurrently with other Merlin users

Merlin’s network functionality is designed to be as user friendly as possible so that your main focus can be your projects. However, there are some basics you should be aware of when publishing or working with published projects in Merlin for Mac OS X.

Symbols in the Toolbar

You have opened a project in your Merlin for Mac OS X and you want to share it for concurrent work with other Merlin users without installing Merlin Server. Just click on the Publish button in the tool bar. This will activate the publishing dialogue in which you can start project publishing. The same dialogue is also available through “File – Publish…”

Project states


The project is not saved yet. The project needs to be saved  first.



The project is not published.


The project is published by your Merlin application and other users can remotely open it as well.


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Merlin – publishing projects for collaboration with other Merlin users

We have explained in the past how to share your projects with Merlin or Merlin Server for access over a web browser or iOS access. This post and the contained screencast shows how to share a project over your Merlin for Mac OS X application for collaboration with other Merlin users.

To start publishing…

  • On one of your Macs you open the Merlin project in your Merlin for Mac OS X application
  • Call File > Publish > Project (or press the yellow horn and switch to the “Project” tab)
  • You start Project publishing by a click on ‘start’
  • Leave the project open, and its publishing on. You can click on ‘close’ to close the dialogue though.
    • Should your project be accessible only within your local network? Is so, you are done
    • Would other Merlin users need to connect over the internet? You need to forward them the blue @ symbol shown on the project publishing dialogue

To open the published project…

  • As a user on another Mac start your Merlin for Mac OS X application
  • Call File  > Remote Open
    • If you are in the same local network as the publisher Merlin application, you directly see this Mac as discovered by Bonjour
    • If you are accessing over the internet, you will need to enter the project’s address as calculated by the publisher Merlin and contained in the blue @ symbol.

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