Limited time offer – Merlin 2 Network Bundle

Merlin 2 Network Bundle combines Merlin for Mac OS X licences and the Merlin Server.

Purchase Merlin 2 Network Bundle to leverage the power of the leading professional project management software for Mac OS X, share your projects and maximize project management across a network.

Price: 999.- Euro / 1.299,00 USD / 899,00 GBP (plus VAT)
Period of sale/offer: 30th March – 31st May 2013
Offer: five Merlin 2 licenses and one Merlin server license
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Merlin is intuitive, easy to use and offers a variety of options to help you plan, take control, collaborate and complete your project successfully.

With adding the Merlin Server you’ll get the ultimate network landscape for enabling professional project management.
Thanks to Merlin Server you can now administer all your projects in one place. Simply start up Merlin Server and select your project folder.
Say goodbye to data chaos as all project files are now fully centralized. Let Merlin Server share the projects you create with a Merlin Mac OS X application.

Regardless of the number of projects, Merlin Server offers following three built-in network services that can be individually activated with a single mouse click.
– Publishing Merlin for Mac OS X
– Publishing Merlin to Web Browsers *
– Publish to Merlin iPhone/iPad

* This means Windows users not having Merlin can easily access and work on Merlin projects! 

Merlin – publishing projects for collaboration with other Merlin users

We have explained in the past how to share your projects with Merlin or Merlin Server for access over a web browser or iOS access. This post and the contained screencast shows how to share a project over your Merlin for Mac OS X application for collaboration with other Merlin users.

To start publishing…

  • On one of your Macs you open the Merlin project in your Merlin for Mac OS X application
  • Call File > Publish > Project (or press the yellow horn and switch to the “Project” tab)
  • You start Project publishing by a click on ‘start’
  • Leave the project open, and its publishing on. You can click on ‘close’ to close the dialogue though.
    • Should your project be accessible only within your local network? Is so, you are done
    • Would other Merlin users need to connect over the internet? You need to forward them the blue @ symbol shown on the project publishing dialogue

To open the published project…

  • As a user on another Mac start your Merlin for Mac OS X application
  • Call File  > Remote Open
    • If you are in the same local network as the publisher Merlin application, you directly see this Mac as discovered by Bonjour
    • If you are accessing over the internet, you will need to enter the project’s address as calculated by the publisher Merlin and contained in the blue @ symbol.

Screencast of those actions… Continue reading

Understanding connection requests

Collaboration is essential in project management. Merlin supports PMs in their every day work in that it allows collaboration to their projects over 3 kinds of interfaces. Once a project has been shared with either Merlin for Mac OS X or Merlin Server, it may be accessed by other Merlin for Mac OS X applications (acting as clients), supported web browsers or iOS devices.

How does this work?
The short answer is: “easily“. For the longer answer please read here Continue reading